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Principles of business ethics

Aarsleff acts in accordance with the applicable laws. We recognize and fully support the provisions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by United Nations, European Convention on Human Rights and the conventions and recommendations issued by the International Labour Organization (ILO).

We introduced Aarsleff Code of Conduct, which defines the principles of business ethics applying to all the employees in Aarsleff. These principles are also promoted among our business partners. Our internal regulations include detailed rules on equal treatment and prevention of discrimination, harassment and corruption.

We appointed the Ethic Representative to propagate the principles of business ethics in the company’s daily operations, investigate the reported cases of violations and take effective recovery actions. We provide our employees and other persons related Aarsleff with an opportunity to report on any suspected violation of the laws and provisions of Aarsleff Code of Conduct and internal regulations, in particular concerning the occupational health and safety issues and harassment as well as all other violations of the principles of business ethics. Unacceptable conditions can be reported without risk of consequences. We shall guarantee proper consideration of such notifications and taking appropriate measures.

Suspected violations can be reported:

  •     by e-mail to:  etyka@aarsleff.com.pl, or
  •      by letter to the following address:

Rzecznik ds. Etyki/Ethic Representative

Aarsleff Sp. z o.o.
al. Wyścigowa 6
02-681 Warszawa