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Since the character of our works poses a serious hazard to the health or life of our employees, business partners and end users of the investments for which we were employed as Contractor or Subcontractor, our highest priority is constant monitoring and improvement of safety levels during planning and implementation of works. We are committed to enhancing occupational health and safety issues on an on-going basis (with trainings and preventive measures) and we expect all employees take responsibility and learn from their own and others’ experiences. All the employees are knowledgeable of health and safety issues related both to themselves and their colleagues and are obliged to taking relevant measures if identifying unacceptable conditions. In the daily work, we constantly focus on observing the occupational health and safety issues at the individual workplaces. We assess the observance of applicable regulations on an on-going basis and take disciplinary actions in case of negligence in this respect. Safety considerations are a vital element of periodic performance appraisals and the performance bonus scheme.