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Precast RC piles

Precast RC piles - production

Aarsleff installs only precast reinforced piles manufactured by Grupa Centrum in order to provide Clients with the highest quality material available in the market.

See a video of the production process of precast reinforced concrete piles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qW0e7p88nMY&list=PLv20YbRIaUGznZz8LjrsjFS7II6pzCmE5&index=­2


Precast RC piles - technology

The file provides basic information on the driven precast reinforced concrete pile technology addressed to students, investors, contractors and supervisors.


Abridged precast RC pile catalogue

The file provides information on mimimum pile reinforcement requirements for production, transport and driving of pile with a particular cross-section and length. The piles for which reinforcement is made automatically are reinforced with #12 bars (main reinforcement) and #5 bars (spiral) made of steel fy=500MPa. In justified cases, standard piles (with minimum technical reinforcement) can be additionally reinforced with a different reinforcement layout design (e.g. TYP20 instead of TYP16) or by means of adding bars with a larger diameter to a standard reinforcement layout design (eg. TYP4 + 8#20).


Design solutions for precast RC piles 

Drawings of 0.25x0.25m, 0.3x0.3m and 0.4x04m piles. For more information please visit www.kpbkutno.pl.


Capacity of 400x400mm RC pile cross-section 

The file provides charts of interaction capacity M-N of shafts of 400x400m RC piles manufactured of C40/50 concrete with 12#12, 16#12 and 20#12 reinforcement, steel fyk=500MPa.


Capacity of 400x400mm RC pile cross-section under eccentric compression loading