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Vibration monitoring

Foundation pile driving and installation of sheet pile walls usually entail vibrations. The analysis of vibration impact should be performed separately, for each individual project. If specific projects are expected to have an adverse effect on the nearby existing structures, it is necessary to monitor both the technical condition of the facilities affected by vibrations and the level of vibrations generated by construction work. However, it is only the on-site measurements that can provide the correct data for verifying the design assumptions. Such monitoring allows for carrying out the installation of piles and sheet piles in a way that protects the neighbouring facilities from damage and ensures that the requirements related to pile bearing capacities or depth of installation of sheet piles are met. Owing to the analysis of the monitored vibrations we are able to install piles in a safe way and in adverse site conditions.

Aarsleff performs vibration monitoring for the projects which are likely to have a negative impact on their surroundings.