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Deep Soil Mixing (DSM)

Where it is necessary to provide reinforcement and strengthening of low-bearing soil for the purpose of direct foundation of buildings and constructions, we install soil-cement columns using the Deep Soil Mixing (DSM) technology. The work is executed in accordance with the code PN-EN 14679:2005 Wykonawstwo specjalnych robót geotechnicznych. Wgłębne mieszanie gruntu (Execution of Special Geotechnical Works. Deep Soil Mixing). As the mixing shaft is advanced into the ground until it reaches load-bearing soil, grout is injected into the soil. As a result of the repeated mixing cycle a soil-cement column is formed having the required properties. The DSM technology is also applied to install temporary walls for excavation support in weak soils. In such cases the soil-cement columns require reinforcement – usually steel I-sections – which are installed in the DSM walls.


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Reinforcement of trackbed, Railway Line E30, section Biadoliny - Bogumiłowice
Commercial building, town of Kamionki
Radiotherapy Centre, Koszalin
Reconstruction of stadium stands, Ropczyce