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Steel piles

Steel piles, such as tubes, I-sections and sheet piles are usually installed for marine structures or as foundations for temporary structures, permanent bridges, acoustic screens and buildings with underground floors. However, due to their numerous advantages, they are expected to grow in popularity soon. We install steel piles using three technologies, depending on soil conditions:

• driving with hydraulic hammers,

• pressing in with hydraulic pressing units, and

• vibrating with vibratory hammers.

In case of large offshore structures (e.g. harbour constructions), it is necessary to use special floating platforms supported by legs extending down and rested on the sea bed to ensure stability and safety of piling work. Our piling equipment allows us to install steel piles longer than 20m. Installation of steel piles with the vibration method is performed with modern resonance-free vibro hammers. They operate in high frequencies, which allows to vibrate steel piles in close proximity to the existing buildings or other vibration-sensitive structures or installations. In case of sheet pile sections, it is also possible to use the hydraulic press-in method.


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