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Foundation piles for acoustic screens

Similar to the pile foundations for the railway electrification system, we use our driven precast reinforced concrete piles for the foundation of acoustic screens. As great precision is vital to mount the masts, we developed a special method of positioning them on the foundations in order to keep the required tolerances. The primary advantage of this technology is that all the elements of the bearing constructions are precast and protected against corrosion before being assembled on the site. Another issue worth of notice is that the screens can be mounted directly after the completion of piling work. An alternative solution involves the use of partial prefabrication, in which poured piles and pile caps are used. Similar solutions may be used for the foundation of other supportive structures, such as information boards, advertisement displays, gantries, traffic lights, etc. Exemplary applications of piled foundations for acoustic screens are presented below.


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Railway Line 1, Warszaw - Koluszki, Radziwiłłów Station
Railway Line 132 (E30), Wrocław - Opole, Brzeg Station
Railway Line 132 (E30), Wrocław - Opole, Brzeg Station
Motorway Bypass of Wrocław
Construction of acoustic screen in the town of Wojanowo