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Sports and recreation facilities

For construction/modernization of stadiums and other sports facilities we offer execution of the following geotechnical works:

• piled foundations made of timber piles (e.g. walkway bridges), steel piles (e.g. platforms and quays in marinas, walkway bridges) or drilled reinforced concrete piles and/or micropiles, including those capable of carrying high tension forces (e.g. arising from stadium/hall roof structure);

• ground improvement for direct foundations or floors/slabs;

• ground anchors – active (post-tensioned anchors) or passive (micropiles);

• permanent and temporary excavation support systems made of various materials (steel, concrete, cement grout) and installed with different technologies (driving, vibrating, pressing, drilling, mixing) designed as Berliner walls, sheet pile walls, drilled pile walls as well as DSM and jet-grouting columns.

We participated in foundations works executed under the construction of the National Stadium in Warsaw, stadiums in Chorzów, Rzeszów and Sanok, as well as a number of smaller sports facilities. We also constructed marinas, walkway bridges along or over water reservoirs, with the work performed both onshore and offshore. We have excellent technical, organizational and professional potential for executing such works.

Tests and measurements. Within the performed geotechnical works we also offer all kinds of test and measurements, including:

• soil investigation, including offshore;

• static and/or dynamic load tests;

• assessment of pile capacities based on sets;

• preliminary, utility and acceptance tests of ground anchors;

• monitoring of forces in ground anchors;

• distribution of forces in piles;

• soil pressure measurements;

• pile integrity/quality tests;

• monitoring impact of piling on the environment (vibrations, noise, soil dislocations);

• measurements of dislocations of excavation support systems.

Design Office. We also offer design support of experienced designers from our Design Office, who provide professionally prepared calculations as well as detailed, technical and as-build design documentations. The scope of our services is always customized to the real needs of our Client.

We invite you for cooperation.

Construction of stadium stands, Rzeszów
Warsaw National Stadium
Warsaw National Stadium
Walkway bridge, Chełmża
Pier for recreation facilities, Ustronie Morskie
Modernization of stadium stands, Ropczyce