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Roads and motorways

Foundations for engineering constructions. For foundation of road engineering constructions (bridges, overpasses, retaining structures, etc.), we use mainly the driven precast reinforced concrete pile technology. Precast piles can be used for newly constructed structures as well as for strengthening the existing foundations of modernized structures. Applications of precast reinforced concrete piles allow for quick and reliable assessment of capacities of the installed piles, which significantly accelerates piling work and the overall construction works. In justified cases, we use CFA piles, FDP piles, steel tubes, I-sections or steel piles, as well as DSM and jet grouting columns.

Foundation and improvement of road embankments/excavations. We also execute works related to improvement of existing road embankments or soil under the newly constructed embankments. In case of deep improvement, we use precast reinforced concrete piles capped with reinforced concrete slabs or special precast capping elements, which significantly limits the scope of wet works. On pile-reinforced soil the road embankment is directly constructed and for wider pile spacing, geosynthetic matresses are provided. In case of shallower improvement, we also use CFA piles, FDP piles, as well as DSM and jet grouting columns. For improvement/stabilization of slopes or road embankments or protection of landslides along roads and motorways, we use various types of pile walls (concrete or steel), bracketed or anchored, as well as permanent ground anchors, anchoring micropiles and/or soil nails.

Support system for excavations during road works. Road works very often require installation of temporary or permanent support systems for deep excavation adjacent to the roads with on-going traffic or temporary roads. Aarsleff offers a wide range of technologies which enable us to provide quick and safe support systems made of: pressed-in or/and driven bracketed sheet pile walls, anchored or strutted; driven, vibrated or drilled Berliner walls; all types of drilled pile walls, open, tangent and secant, in the CFA technology; and reinforced DSM and jet-grouting columns.

Acoustic screens. Supportive structures of acoustic screens erected along roads are usually founded on piles. We offer the following types of foundations for acoustic screens:

• driven precast piles fitted with special bolts, allowing quick and easy assembly and modification of the elements of the screen upper structure – recommended for projects where time of completion is crucial as well as easy, multiple substitution and assembly/disassembly of the upper structure;

• driven precast piles with round or rectangular holes for mounting the steel posts of acoustic screens – recommended for acoustic screens erected along railway lines and for projects where time of completion is crucial or the scope of wet works should be significantly limited;

• drilled reinforced concrete piles;

• steel piles – recommended for projects that require future relocation of acoustic screens or possibility of full recycling of the screen structure (incl. foundation) upon its disassembly;

• micropiles – recommended for projects where no other foundations can be installed, e.g. on sites with shallow layers of hard rocks or limited access (e.g. at steep slopes).

We offer installation of piles including delivery of precast elements and performance of load/quality tests. Piling works can be executed with caterpillar rig/pile drivers and in close proximity to railway lines, and in close proximity to railway lines, also by means of track-going rigs.

Fundations for temporary structures. Aarsleff offers execution of cost-effective piled foundations for temporary supports located in low-bearing soils or in rivers and reservoirs. Onshore piling works/ground improvement is executed with caterpillar rigs/pile drivers. For supports in navigable waters, we have special floating platforms, from which all kinds of piles are driven or vibrated (timber, reinforced concrete piles or steel tubes) as well as steel sheet piles designed as supports for artificial islands. In difficult locations (e.g. with limited clearance), we also use hydraulic presses for pressing-in steel sheet piles (e.g. around the existing foundations of bridge supports).

Tests and measurements. Within the performed geotechnical works we also offer all kinds of test and measurements, including:

• soil investigation;

• static and/or dynamic load tests;

• assessment of pile capacities based on sets;

• preliminary, utility and acceptance tests of ground anchors;

• monitoring of forces in ground anchors;

• distribution of forces in piles;

• soil pressure measurements;

• pile integrity/quality tests;

• monitoring impact of piling on the environment (vibrations, noise, soil dislocations);

• measurements of dislocations of excavation support systems.

Design Office. We also offer design support of experienced designers from our Design Office, who provide professionally prepared calculations as well as detailed, technical and as-build design documentations. The scope of our services is always customized to the real needs of our Client.

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