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Industrial constructions

Deep foundation and soil improvement. Basing on our rich experience in construction of industrial works (refineries, chemical plants, aviation plants, waste treatment plants, paper mills, steelworks, breweries, etc.), we can offer our Clients optimal technical solutions in terms of foundation on piles or improved ground:

• construction of industrial facilities and floors, including those implemented in extreme conditions (e.g. wetlands, landfills, offshore or inside industrial facilities/halls);

• machines and technological lines, including those with the highest requirements for settlement limitations;

• masts, chimneys, production tower, etc.

For foundation of industrial constructions, we use precast piles, FDP piles, CFA piles, all types of micropiles and DSM or jet-grouting columns.

Support systems for deep excavations. Construction of industrial facilities often requires installation of support systems for deep excavation. In connection with that, we offer:

• support systems for excavations made of Berliner walls; driven, vibrated and pressed-in steel sheet piles (sheet pile walls), pile walls made of drilled piles tangent or secant) or DSM/jet-grouting columns;

• sealing of excavation bottom using the DSM or jet-grouting technologies;

• anchoring of excavation bottom using permanent or temporary ground anchors, piles or micropiles;

Tests and measurements. Within the performed geotechnical works we also offer all kinds of test and measurements, including:

• soil investigation;

• static and/or dynamic load tests;

• assessment of pile capacities based on sets;

• preliminary, utility and acceptance tests of ground anchors;

• monitoring of forces in ground anchors;

• distribution of forces in piles;

• soil pressure measurements;

• pile integrity/quality tests;

• monitoring impact of piling on the environment (vibrations, noise, soil dislocations);

• inclinometer measurements.

Design Office. We also offer design support of experienced designers from our Design Office, who provide professionally prepared calculations as well as detailed, technical and as-build design documentations. The scope of our services is always customized to the real needs of our Client.

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Precast piles for foundation of production hall in Szczecin
Precast piles for foundation of substation
Precast piles for foundation of production hall and warehouse in Janowiec Wielkopolski
Production plant, Szczecin
Precast piles for foundation of transmission towers
Improvement of foundations of travelling cranes, Barbara Coal Mine, Chorzów
Extension of production plant, Tychy
Extension of production plant, Ostrołęka