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Hydrotechnical structures

Hydrotechnical construction. Aarsleff is widely experienced in execution of hydrotechnical works, both in Poland and abroad. Our offer includes construction and installation of:

• foundations and support systems for harbour quays;

• breakwaters and groins;

• elements of harbours and marine and inland waterways requiring special foundations, such as dolphins, fenders, navigation beacons, etc.;

• quays for inland harbours;

• marinas;

• walkway bridges and recreational water facilities;

• permanent and temporary artificial islands;

• strengthening of anti-flood embankments;

• piled foundations and structures constructed offshore.

For such works precast reinforced concrete piles, steel piles and steel sheet piles are usually applied. Applications of precast elements enable us to perform piling works in difficult conditions, both offshore and onshore. Offshore piling works are executed from special barges supported by studs to provide a stable working platform. We install piles and sheet piles using the driving, vibrating and pressing technologies. In justified cases drilled piles, columns and cut-off walls are applied. We have experience in construction and modernization of hydrotechnical structures. Under the executed projects we always cooperate with the Investors and research centres in order to implement innovative solutions, such as high-capacity micropiles for modernization/repairs of harbour quays, applications of precast elements for navigation beacons and the latest tests and measurements for hydrotechnical works.

Tests and measurements. Within the performed geotechnical works we also offer all kinds of test and measurements, including:

• soil investigation, including offshore;

• static and/or dynamic load tests;

• assessment of pile capacities based on sets;

• preliminary, utility and acceptance tests of ground anchors;

• monitoring of forces in ground anchors;

• distribution of forces in piles;

• soil pressure measurements;

• pile integrity/quality tests;

• monitoring impact of piling on the environment (vibrations, noise, soil dislocations);

• measurements of dislocations of excavation support systems.

Design Office. We also offer design support of experienced designers from our Design Office, who provide professionally prepared calculations as well as detailed, technical and as-build design documentations. The scope of our services is always customized to the real needs of our Client.

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