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Protection of the excavation for the construction of flood water pumping station WILGA in Krakow.


Applying multiple hydrotechnical and geotechnical technologies, AARSLEFF has participated in the reconstruction and modernization of Poland’s water engineering infrastructure for many years. Rainwater management and flood water management are of primary importance not only for the water engineering industry, but for every Polish citizen as well. This is why we are very glad once again to contribute to the construction of an important element of the flood control system, this time in the beautiful capital city of Małopolska.


In Cracow, at Ludwikowska Str.,  the construction of flood water pumping station WILGA is currently under way. As a contractor of specialist geotechnical works, AARSLEFF developed a design of the pumping station and constructed excavation support system for a reinforced concrete facility.


This project was an interesting challenge for our company. A high groundwater level, close proximity to the Vistula and Wilga rivers and depth of the excavation for the foundation of the pumping station chamber (10.7m) were the reasons for designing sheet pile wall with necessary steel tube struts.

Due to a relatively small distance between the sheet pile wall and combined sewer required for reinforced concrete works, the installation of sheet piles had to be very precise, using a hydraulic press. Moreover, the length of sheet pile walls required soil modification by means of pre-drilling.

The design assumed one level of steel tube struts, also installed inside the pumping station chamber after the completion of the 1st phase of the reinforced concrete works, in order to do the necessary backfilling and carry on works for the construction of the chamber walls.


AARSLEFF has a wide and rich experience in deep excavation protection with a highly specialised equipment. However, our greatest assets are experienced and competent designers and engineers  supervising production works.

It is owing to them that the execution of such projects is a pleasure to us.


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