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Precast Piles for Foundation of New Bridge over the Vistula in Cracow


Two arch bridges are planned around the existing railway bridge over the Vistula in Cracow, each 234m long, with a total width of 32m. The first one to be constructed is the Eastern Bridge, the foundation of which is designed according to Aarsleff’s solution. We chose precast piles as the most optimal technology in terms of completion time. Executed under the project called “Works at Railway Line E 30, section Kraków Główny Towarowy – Rudzice, including expansion of a suburban line”, the whole volume of works including the testing phase took less than two months.

Aarsleff cares for the environment!

Installation of piles for the supports of the Eastern Bridge was carried out from working platforms located on both the river banks and for temporary supports – from floating platforms. The precast pile technology is a spoil-free method, which together with the installation of ready-made elements allowed for reduction of risk of soil, ground water and river pollution.

We are always ready for new challenges!

The works were performed near the existing railway line and Kurlandzki and Podolskiego boulevards. This location required from us an excellent organization of works and minimization of inconveniences for people present in the neighbourhood. It was quite challenging, but we made it. Owing to a good work organization, the railway bridge remained in operation and due to using a special noise suppression method for our pile driver, the works were less oppressive for people strolling along the boulevards.

This is the seventh bridge over the Vistula, the foundation of which has been designed and constructed with Aarsleff’s participation!

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