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Lower Silesia has no secrets for us!


Lower Silesia has no secrets for us!


Once again AARSLEFF is present in Wrocław to execute geotechnical works for the construction of a new building with an underground car park, including excavation protection with secant pile wall with casing pipe, vibration-free installation of sheet piles, temporary struts, anchoring micropiles and dewatering works.


We have already completed a considerable number of projects in this part of Poland with highly specific soil conditions. Excavation protection in dense urban development, often in close proximity to historical buildings, can be quite a challenge! But we have suitable equipment, competences and, more importantly, rich experience to accomplish works in a safely manner, minimize risks and cut down all the adverse effects of construction works. Our job in Wrocław, at Komuny Paryskiej Str., meets all the above aspects. 


The project in Wrocław successfully unites the history and modern vision. The exisiting three-storey building located at Komuny Paryskiej Str. has belonged to the Lower Silesia Teachers’ Training Centre for the recent few years, but before WWII it housed Daheim Nursing Home and then an orphanage. Currently, the old townhouse is being redecorated and a new technology building with an underground car park is being built. The surroundings are also planned for revitalization. As a result, several dozens of flats in shell and core condition will be available for sale soon.


Comprehensive geotechnical works are what we can do best!


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