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Excavation support systems in Olsztyn


In autumn 2017, we started works on excavation support systems for two projects in the centre of Olsztyn. In both cases two high residential buildings were designed  with a common underground car park. Our design solution turned out to be most beneficial both in terms of price and time of completion. Moreover, owing to the application of Berliner wall, the Investors avoided problems with installation of diaphragm walls in the very centre of a big city.

The deepest excavation in the city

As it was necessary to construct an adequate underground car park for the residential buildings, we provided a reliable support system for the excavation locally as deep as 17 metres.

Safety of neighbouring development

The major challenge was to design and execute such difficult works in close proximity to  the Olsztyn Planetarium. Due to our high-tech methods of monitoring the impact of our works on the nearby building and structures, we could assure full safety of the neighbouring development.


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