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Excavation Support System in Wrocław


Aarsleff is currently working on comprehensive excavation support system in Wrocław, ul. Sienkiewicza, on the premises of the old MAMUT Bakery, using the technology of steel sheet piles installed with the vibration-free pressed-in method. The excavation, designed to reach a final depth of 10m, is made for the construction of a modern residence hall and BaseCamp hotel, planned to be erected here in several months.

Among the proposed excavation support solutions, such as diaphragm wall or sheet pile wall, our technology proved to be the most beneficial for the Investor.
Similar investments were successfully accomplished in Germany (Potsdam and Leipzig), Denmark (Copenhagen) as well as in Poland (Łódź), with the first students moving in Łódź residence hall in November 2017.
We can’t wait to see the project completed! 

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