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Comprehensive Geotechnical Works for Construction of Underground Storeys of Large Building in Wrocław


Experience gained in a number of similar projects enabled us to offer and successfully implement a comprehensive excavation support system for construction of a large building in Wrocław. Our services included:

  • concept of excavation support system;
  • detailed design,
  • installation of vibrated sheet pile wall,
  • steel pile caps,
  • one level of ground anchors and, locally, struts to support the sheet pile wall,
  • micropiles for anchoring the bottom slab,
  • CCFA pile cut-off wall sealed with jet grouting, and
  • excavation dewatering.

Comprehensive geotechnical service within large construction projects is beneficial both to us and our Clients, since responsibility is clearly addressed and geotechnical risk significantly lower. It also allows for optimal use of Contractor’s knowledge, experience and technical and organizational potential.

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