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Comprehensive Excavation Support Systems for Construction of Hotel at Lake Trzesiecko in Szczecinek


In October we completed comprehensive geotechnical works under the construction of the Hotel and Training Centre at the shore of Lake Trzesiecko in Szczecinek. We were commissioned to design and construct excavation support system together with dewatering and piled foundation, with piles being installed both offshore and onshore. We designed and performed the following works:

  1. installation of temporary sheet pile wall as excavation support system,
  2. dewatering system, incl. wells and wellpoints,
  3. piling onshore for the reinforced concrete slab of the main part of the facility, using the driven precast reinforced concrete pile technology,
  4. earth works and preparation of base for lean concrete, and
  5. piling offshore for the part of the hotel designed on the lake.

In the course of the current works we have to maintain dewatering on a continuous basis. The dewatering system and sheet pile wall will be dismantled upon the completion of the overground reinforced concrete structure of the hotel.

This is another example of our comprehensive geotechnical services involving the design and execution of works, which can guarantee the Investor risk minimization and comfort while completing the main construction works.


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