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Cable Car over Solina Lake in South-East Poland


The area around Solina Lake has become a well-known territory for AARSLEFF teams, who have executed a wide range of specialist geo- and hydrotechnical works there. At present, one of Poland’s greatest tourist attractions is being constructed over the Solina Dam – a cable car – to offer visitors excellent views of the lake and surrounding Bieszczady Mountains. AARSLEFF has been appointed to construct the foundation for its structure.

According to, the cable car will run over the Solina Dam for 1.5 km. Starting from the Plasza Station located at the promenade, it will carry passengers in eight-person gondolas offering a picturesque panorama of the lake and giant dam all the way to its upper station on top of the Jawor Mountain.

It’s worth mentioning that the cable car system is designed on five supports of various heights ranging from 17 to 75 metres, which makes it the latter the highest cable car support in Poland. In addition, the distance between Support 2 and Support 3 is as long as 682 metres, which is also unusual for other Poland’s cable cars.


Photos:  PKL



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