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Łasztownia Isle is a river island in the very centre of Szczecin. Geomorphologically, it is one of the islands of the so-called Międzyodrze area located in the Lower Odra Valley. As the site investigation revealed fills and low-bearing soil, the foundation of the structure was designed as precast pile foundation slab. Another major hindrance was ground water – since the foundation was designed beneath the water table, it was necessary to provide a support system for the excavation. 


For our projects we often use different technologies and we always customize the offered solutions to the specific problems and needs of our Clients.


In Szczecin we used nearly 500 driven precast piles with 40x40cm cross-sections. This solution was chosen due to the fact that the precast pile technology allows for quicker implementation of works. Moreover, the piles have high strength parameters and are well-suited for low bearing soil conditions and high ground water levels.


The excavation support system was designed as sheet pile wall with underwater concrete plug. The sheet piles were installed with the vibratory and pressed-in methods.


The construction site was located in close proximity to a marina, old buildings and a major approach road  to the city. In the course of piling vibration monitoring was conducted to ensure safety. The analysis of its results showed that the piling works had had no adverse impact on the surroundings. This is just another proof that precast piles can be safely used in city centres. Among the numerous advantages of this technology is clean construction site as well as the ensured continuity of piling, excavation protection and reinforced concrete works.


When constructing the Future we come across the traces of the Past!

The divers had to remove the remains of an old building from the water-filled excavation. During the underwater works they found timber piles and foundations dating from before WW2!


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