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AARSLEFF in Hydro-Engineering: Construction of Quay in Port of Świnoujście.


Before we present our current job in the Port of Świnoujście, let us go back to the year 2014, when AARSLEFF together with Budimex S.A. worked on the construction of a new Quay 1.

The aim was to make use of the undeveloped area adjacent to Ferry Quay 2 and increase capacity of sea transport in the port by constructing Ferry Quay 1 .

Our Client chose the best solution and decided to commission AARSLEFF with the execution of nearly all the piling works.

We constructed the quay wall using AZ sections with walings and tie rods, steel tubes and precast piles driven into the ground on a headland jutting into the sea. Apart from them, we installed precast piles and steel tubes along the whole quay length for supporting reinforced concrete slab and Ro-Ro ramp  in the northern part of the quay. We also constructed a small number of CFA piles for the foundation of a new overpass.

The works were executed onshore and offshore and required specialist machines, pontoons and push-boats.

Owing to our rich designing and execution experience, we accomplished our job and provided site for further works in a timely and accurate manner.
The works were completed within the deadline and complied with all the quality requirements, with excellent cooperation between our company and the Client.


As a well-experienced contractor of specialist marine works, we applied multiple AARSLEFF technologies of hydro engineering works, such as precast piles, steel tubes, AZ sheet piles, walings, tie rods and CFA piles.


Satisfied Client Commissioned Aarsleff with Further Works


The works were highly assessed for their quality. Owing to our commitment and reliability, five years later, in 2019, we were once again chosen by Budimex S.A. as a partner for the construction of Quay 5A and Quay 5B in the same port. Basing on our own design concept and using all the available technologies of works, we were capable of providing our Partner with the most optimal solution.


Year 2020

Currently, we are working on modernization of the existing ferry quays in the Port of Świnoujście by joining these two quays together to allow for mooring even bigger vessels.

However, this project was started nearly two years ago. Before tendering, we prepared an alternative design based on reliable and well-tested solutions. The design included foundation of the whole slab of Quay 5B and Ro-Ro ramp at Quay 5A on precast piles installed offshore with the sea bottom depth of up to 11m. Moreover, we designed quay walls constructed from AZ sections and sites for mooring bollards made from 17t CAZ sections nearly 28 metres long.

The scope of works requires specialist equipment, which we have at our disposal, as well as a jackup barge, push-boat and transport barges.
We are implementing the works in a comprehensive manner to fully satisfy our Partner’s needs and requirements.


Generally, we use water transportation for the purpose of this project. This is the measure which we are knowledgeable of and well prepared for.


Another important aspect of these works is the use of modern, environment-friendly equipment with low CO2 emissions, having a positive impact on our planet, which is of primary value to us . We execute our works in a comprehensive manner to customize them to the requirements of our Partner.


We are  honoured to be trusted and appointed once again by our Partner, which appears to be the best proof that our multiple technologies, working standards, product, namely the precast reinforced concrete piles, and rich experience in installing sheet pile walls are noticed and appreciated.


This is not only a business success for us but also great recognition, for which we are very grateful.


The construction of the quay in the Port of Świnouście is an interesting ground engineering challenge, which we are always glad to take in order to enrich and expand our experience.

We know that our works, the results of which will soon be covered, are of great importance to Poland and Europe.

Marine construction works – this is what we are best at!


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